Case Study: Prémaman

Case Study: Prémaman

This case study includes one of the biggest brands in Egypt. Please read it carefully and send me your questions and comments.

Client Name

Prémaman Egypt


Prémaman is a shopping brand specializes in babies and kids products worldwide. Prémaman Egypt has 3 main branches in Cairo located inside Sun City Mall, Dandy Mall, and Arkan Mall.


Mission 1: Establishing a better Facebook exposure in Egypt.

Mission 2: Creating a better brand visibility in

Mission 3: Reaching more customers and improving sales performance.


The main challenge was to start working on such a big brand from scratch because it didn’t have much brand awareness in Egypt. The marketing department in Egypt had no staff at all as the real marketing department located in Germany. Also working on brand awareness was something necessary and extremely hard due to existence of many aged competitors in Egypt.


I seeked to build a Facebook presence as soon as possible as it’s a very important step, specially for such big brands. But before I got through this, I had built a suitable plan for such a case. Then I got my graphic team to prepare all the graphics needed for that part. I didn’t take so long until I got the Facebook page up and running with high quality graphics.

Me and my team have focused on increasing page engagement by communicating with page audience and creating events to keep page audience passionate to follow page posts. We’ve also studied the audience type, to provide them with the type of posts they like. Then, we started to analyze each and every piece of information to improve page presence and increase page audience.

At the same time, me and my SEO team were building a local SEO campaign. The reason behind that is the official German website was ranking #1 for the brand name all over the world. So we had to go local! We started the local SEO campaign with the Facebook page we had created earlier.

Increasing the sales performance for the client was our priority. I immediately brought my sales team to collect some information from the three branches in Cairo. The required information was regarding current sales status and performance, customer behavior, staff sales skills level, customer objections, current follow up strategies (if any), and other important factors to help us develop a better sales plan. After getting all the required information, we started working on creating a better sales strategy and improving current staff level to avoid missing sales in the future.

At that time we wanted to expand even more. So instead of relying on only branch sales, we could reach targeted customers at home. It didn’t take much efforts until we created a home delivery system with cash on delivery option allowed. We even wanted to achieve more revenue for our client. So we were like: YES, why not? Let’s kill it! We decided to go higher on a corporate level. So we started making profitable deals with big businesses  because we knew that; improving branches, reaching more customers at home, and making profitable deals with big businesses will skyrocket our results and bring us client satisfaction. 🙂

Results (at the time of writing this case study)

  • Client has now an official active Facebook page with over 25k targeted audience enjoying high quality content and engaging with page posts.

Premaman Page

  • Facebook page is ranked #1 with brand name (Premaman / Prémaman) in

premaman rank

  • Sales performance is increased by 87% than last year (according to branches report).

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