Case Study: Nonsta Beauty Centre

This case study includes one of the biggest brands in Egypt. Please read it carefully and send me your questions and comments.

Client Name

Nonsta Beauty Centre


Nonsta is a beauty centre specialized in all types of massages and baths including Moroccan, Jacuzzi, Stream & Pharaonic as well as bridal preparations.


Mission 1: Increase Facebook audience.

Mission 2: Increase Facebook engagement rate.


I was asked to revive a dead page and increase its audience in only 2 months. So the first challenge is to increase page likers, and the second challenge is to make those likers engage with the page.


Reviving the page was a fun because I liked the page category and I thought that there are many others who may like that category as well. So I just had to reach those people and let them know about the page using paid ads with a proper targeting strategy. The second thing I had to do is creating high quality content with new graphics that’s suitable for the audience type, to motivate them engage with the page. Creating that type of content comes along with putting a suitable posting strategy.

Results (at the time of writing this case study)

  • 1000+ new likers & followers

nonsta likes

  • Post engagement rate increased by 64%

nonsta post engagement

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