Case Study: MatjarHK

Case Study: MatjarHK

This case study includes one of the biggest brands in Saudi Arabia. Please read it carefully and send me your questions and comments.

Client Name


MatjarHK is a shopping site owned by “Al-Hakeem International Group” and it’s one of the leading shopping platforms in Saudia Arabia.


Mission 1: Increasing website traffic.

Mission 2: Increasing website conversions.


At the time I signed for this task, there were many aged competitors already on the ground. Starting an electronic shop is not always easy due to existence of online shopping whales.


I had studied the site very carefully before I got the keyword research done and ready. The main key here was finding proper keywords to rank for. The SEO campaign then came into action. I had ranked for low competition keywords before I started competing on high competition keywords, which helped me receive some traffic and get out of the abandoned area.

By the time the site started getting some traffic and making some sales, I was tracking big shopping sites and analyzing every piece of information about their ranking strategies. Then I started working on inventing a better SEO strategy to get ranked among those whales. With hard work and smart strategies I’ve managed to win a few awesome rankings in “”, and receive good amount of traffic everyday.

Results (at the time of writing this case study)

Traffic increased by 375%

Conversion increased by 170%

Screenshot Before:

MatjarHK results before

Screenshot After:

MatjarHK results after

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