Mustafa Youssef is one of the leading sales and marketing experts in Egypt and the Middle East. He’s been in sales and marketing for over 10 years now. Mustafa has managed to help many businesses inside and outside Egypt which gave him his hard earned trust.

He’s also been teaching digital marketing in many training centres in Cairo and Alexandria for over 3 years so far. He is so passionate about sales and marketing, and likes to go through big challenges.

Mustafa shares his client case studies to showcase the efforts exploited and the success achieved. Read them here.


Courses & Certificates:

  • English Courses – AUC 2006-2007
  • SEO Diploma – Affilorama.com 2008
  • E-Marketing & E-Commerce Diploma – Cairo University 2011
  • Export & Import Diploma – Cairo University 2011
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Cairo University 2012
  • SEO Course – GSniper 2012
  • SEO Advanced Diploma – Affilorama.com 2012